About us

About us



→ To promote the welfare and independence of our service user.


→ To practice a person centred approach to care delivery.


→ To establish and foster a partnership approach with our clients to enable us work closely to gain a comprehensive understanding of both their personnel requirements and organisational culture.


→ To provide our clients with qualified, competent and experienced staff and service user


→ To help maintain the standard of care through our staffing provisions


→ To provide a CRB checked and qualified workforce for the health and social care industries.


→ To ensure that all clients and staff receive the same treatment in accordance with statutory Equal Opportunities policies.


→ To ensure that our policies and procedures are implemented at all times to maintain the quality of our services.


→ To help solve the recruitment needs of our clients whilst helping in standardising care services for the service user.


→ To develop an understanding of our applicant and client needs and tailor our services to meet these needs.


→ To promote and provide people with work opportunities to enable work skills development and capacity building of existing experiences.


→ To provide personal and domestic assistance to enable the service users to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.


→ To provide such support as the service user requests to meet their individual needs.


→ To assist those who need help because of extreme frailty, disability or illness, to live life as comfortably and independently as possible.





To provide a quality service that is cost effective and value for money, equal opportunity in all areas of our activities.


To provide a service that is compliant with statutory legislation.


To run a profitable and well managed organisation and ensure our policies and procedure are implemented at all times.



Independence: All service users are encouraged and empowered to live as independently as possible. Emphasis is placed on supporting individuals to do as much as they can for themselves.


Choice: Service users are always involved in decision making about their daily lives and activities, by making informed choices about their support needs and care delivery.


Privacy: All service users deserve to have their privacy recognised, and they can live free from all intrusion when they so wish.As carers, are guests in the service users homes, their need for privacy must be respected and the confidentiality principle practised.


Dignity: All service users must be treated with respect and dignity at all times, regardless of their circumstances.


Rights: All service users have the rights to make decisions and choices within their capacity. They should be given every opportunity to exercise these rights.